I am a former graphic designer that discovered my love for code while teaching myself as I built websites for a variety of clients including non-profit organizations and small businesses. I decided to transition into software development because I love being in a cycle of perpetual learning, and the challenge of solving new problems with code. I have five years of experience building full-stack React applications integrated with .NET backends.

In my previous role, I was a multi-disciplinary designer with experience in print, environmental graphics, signage, exhibit design, and web design + development. Typography and attention to detail are central to my design aesthetic, and this attention to detail carries over into my code.



Barkeeper takes the guesswork out of making cocktails at home. Save your favorite recipes and track the alcohol and other ingredients you have on hand. When you’re ready to make some cocktails, Barkeeper will tell you which cocktails you can make with what you have on hand, and tell you which ingredients you're missing and let you save them to your shopping list. Click 'make', and your inventory is updated to reflect the amount of each ingredient you just used.

Barkeeper is a front-end application built with React. It utilizes Reactstrap components for layout and is styled with Bootstrap customized with SCSS. The database uses a flat data structure and is served through json-server.

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Digital Work


Design Work

Weights + Measures

Weights + Measures is a restaurant, bar, and bakeshop that aims to create a comfortable, sincere, and welcoming place for Houstonians. The 1970s—the golden age of dinner parties and analog computers with punchcard input—serves as the point of inspiration for the brand and space. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

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On Immediacy Lecture Series

Poster for Rice Design Alliance/Rice School of Architecture’s Spring 2014 Lecture Series presenting four international firms whose provocative work addresses the viewr with an increased sense of immediacy. Client: Rice Design Alliance. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

On Immediacy poster detail
On Immediacty tickets detail

New Commons Lecture Series

This RDA/RSA Lecture Series investigated new practices within architecture that showcased the architect as not merely a respondent, but as an active agent capable of building new ideas and languages as they relate to the city, the environment, and geography. By focusing on these architects and thinkers, the series established a new commons—a ground for forging new and more productive relationships between aesthetics and engagement. Client: Rice Design Alliance. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series 2015/16

Promotional materials for the 2015/16 Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series, which brings award-winning writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction to Houston every year. Client: Inprint. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series 15-16 brochure cover and spread detail
Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series 15-16 poster

Spot Magazine

Published twice a year by Houston Center for Photography, Spot Magazine features award-winning interviews and commentary on photography and photo-based exhibitions in Texas and beyond. Understated typography lets the photography be the centerpiece. Client: Houston Center for Photography. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Moody Foundation Biennial Report

This commemorative biennial report celebrates Robert L. Moody’s philanthropic efforts as chairman of the Foundation, while marking the next generation’s commitment to carry on his legacy of philanthropy. Client: Moody Foundation. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Moody Foundation Annual Report spread and cover
Moody Foundation Annual Report section title spread
Moody Foundation Annual Report interior quote detail

Midtown Arts + Theater Center, Houston

I worked on digital signage interfaces, environmental supergraphics, and donor recognition for the Midtown Arts + Theater Center, Houston (MATCH). The striker patterns on matchboxes serve as the inspiration for the visual identity. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Downtown Magazine

Downtown is a quarterly publication produced by Downtown District that is part city magazine, part guide dining, bars, and events. Topical editorials and profiles related to Houston's downtown, and a comprehensive dining guide and datebook share info on things to do and places to go downtown. Client: Houston Downtown Management District. Studio: CORE Design Studio.

Buffalo Bayou Park Maps

Printed maps and physical signage for Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, Texas. Client: Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Studio: CORE Design Studio

Buffalo Bayou Park map signage
Buffalo Bayou Park printed trail map detail
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